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Take-home Art Kits :: Celebrating Spring


Please read through all the FAQ

The flowers are bursting open and the birds are chirping. Let’s celebrate spring!

This eight-week art kit will focus on Plants, Birds, Reptiles and Insects.

Each eight-week subscription includes :

  • Weekly art activity with written instructions and optional YouTube tutorial.
  • (Projects scale to ages 2-10 years.)


  • Three “Invitation to Create” mini kits. These are materials for open-ended process-based art that you can do any time.
  • Three additional animal-inspired “how to draw” tutorials geared towards 5-10 year old students.


  • Single child = $160
  • Sibling pair = $280 ($40 saved)
  • Three children = $420 ($60 saved)

If this pricing doesn’t work for your family please let me know.

How will I get my kit?

Kits will be available for pickup at the studio starting Monday  April 13th. The door will remain open throughout the day. You can drop by to grab your bags at a time that is convenient for you between 9-5:30.

What materials are provided and what do I need from home?

From Home Provided

Watercolor set or liquid watercolors

Washable markers

Paint brush

Bottle of squeeze Glue

Glue stick

Rolling pin

Water/Spray or sponge

Ball point pen or pencil



Sharpie for kids 5+

Access to sticks, leaves, rocks, plants

Brand new 16 color box of oil pastels

Watercolor Paper



Model Magic

Contact Paper

Bleeding Tissue Paper

Tempera paint

Shrinky Dink film


Printing foam

Buttons, beads, yarn, sequins, feathers, pom-poms…

And so much more!!!

What if I do not own watercolors, glue or glue sticks?

I will have 40 add-on supply kits for an additional $10 that contain the following items. (You can add this to your shopping cart when you register for the kits online):

  • Prang watercolor set
  • Elmer’s disappearing purple Glue stick
  • Elmer’s White Glue

Why pay for these kits when I can find free art tutorials and lesson plans online?

I absolutely encourage you to keep using free online resources!

I have spent countless hours researching projects and have 20+ years of teaching young children art to figure out what I believe are very unique and engaging activities. My curriculum is more than art. It involves science, engages children with their environment, cultivates creativity and problem solving, and gets children in touch with their senses. I am building support tools such as written instructions and YouTube videos that pair with the kits so they require very little energy on your part besides set-up, clean-up and having fun.

You would also help sustain a small business!

Why YouTube and not Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram?

I understand that what works for one family might not work for all. I have chosen YouTube tutorials for several reasons. It offers the flexibility for families to work at their own pace and to choose a time that works for them. My youtube videos are now offered directly on my website and do not show any extraneous information. Alternatively you can use Youtube Kids.

Additionally, most of my young students cannot type and are unaccustomed to using the technology needed for two-way video chat.

I believe in balancing screen time so each project can absolutely be done with written instructions alone. You don’t even have to make the project like the examples I show. You can literally open your bag and let your child go to town in any way they see fit with the materials provided. The YouTube videos are an extra-special addition that some have found useful and some have said create connection, but by no means are they necessary.

Can I do one month instead of two?

The timeline and process for planning projects and procuring materials has shifted radically. At this point priority is given to families who can commit to both months. If I do not sell all the kits I will consider splitting projects into two 4-week chunks.

What happens if school resumes before June? Will studio sprout resume in-person classes?

I am committed to supplying and supporting take-home kits through the first week of June. I hope to launch summer camps and my summer morning class early June as planned.

If you have any questions not answered here please don’t hesitate to ask!

Cancellation & Return Policy:

All sales are final. Should contents in your kit be missing or damaged we are happy to replace them.