Gratitude & Gift Making Art Kit

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Gratitude & Gift Making Art Kit

As the seasons change and the holidays approach we will tie in themes of gratitude and the joy of gift giving. Projects are a combination of guided instruction with lots of room for creative freedom.

This session will include the story of the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash and honor the Native American wisdom of these companion plants. We will also spotlight the artist Tyree Guyton who turns trash into treasure and embodies the essence of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Each week students will make unique art and festive keepsakes for the gifting season.

This  7 project Art Kit will include:

  • Autumn Mixed Media Collage
  • Gratitude Hoop
  • Clay Keepsake
  • Printed Cards
  • Winter Wonderland Scene
  • Canvas Art
  • Framed Painting

Kits will be available for pickup at the studio in Seabright starting Monday, October 19th

  • Each kit will include written instructions and optional video tutorials that you can access directly on my website free of ads and extraneous information.
  • Projects scale to ages 2-10 years. Pre-K will need the support of an adult.


  • Single child = $140
  • Sibling pair = $245 ($35 saved)

If this pricing doesn’t work for your family please let me know.

A limited number of supplies are available directly from Studio Sprout. Scroll up to register and add supplies to your cart. I also encourage purchasing local at Palace or Lenz Arts.

Art Supplies needed from home:

  • Foam roller
  • Watercolors (Prang)
  • Oil pastels (Pentel or Cray Pas Junior Artist)
  • Bottle of Glue
  • Glue stick (Elmer’s is the best)
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Tape (any kind will do)
  • Black marker, sharpie, or colored pencil

Supplies from around your home that are helpful to have:

  • Rolling pin
  • Paper Towels

If you have any questions not answered here please don’t hesitate to ask!

Cancellation & Return Policy:

All sales are final. Should contents in your kit be missing or damaged we are happy to replace them.